SnapShot: Oliver Minnet

I shoot everything on Canon mainly a 1DX that should have been retired a few clicks ago; it’s currently taken over 850,000 clicks. And a 5D Mark III, I don't think the camera body itself is as important as getting the right focal length and lighting. As well as just making sure you reference and set up correctly.

SnapShot: William McMichael

My work explores the relationship and difficulty in taking photographs as a tourist trying to extract the pieces and moments of beauty and cultural difference whilst not always grabbing generic photographs.

Oneness with Zain - LSD Microdosing  

My course of microdosing spanned over the course of 30 days. I dosed on three-day intervals, microdosing one day and having two days off before my next dose. The dosage ranged from 6 to 12 drops of a 15mL vial that contained one dissolved tab of LSD. At work I was increasingly motivated to plough through menial tasks, children’s poor behaviour and general shittiness didn’t bring me down. I was finally content at work.

Wake in Fright: The mystery of our mythic outback self

There’s a paradox driving mateship. “Have a drink, mate” – a gesture of openness, an invitation to enter sanctioned male spaces, to participate in heavily coded male behaviour. But simultaneously, as the “first commandment” of a culture of “aggressive hospitality” and “virile togetherness,” as described in the Preface to the film’s script

Getting to know artist: Violette Kirton

My work for Yeah Nah Yeah will look at a modern pilgrimage, something that will take the audience on a journey. I think through creating a contemplative work, I want people to instinctively feel and think whatever emotions or thoughts comes naturally to them. I don’t want the audience  to think about it too much.

Andy & Appleby get 3D

I guess the concept of art or creativity in general is what drives me. I have always been amazed by what people come up with their minds, and how it evolves. And a lot of times, the art becomes greater than the artist behind it.


The beautiful hiss of an opening beer rings out as we sit on the back verandah of Chris Blancato’s home studio in Kellyville. The verandah which used to overlook five acres of serene Australian bushland now has a cul-de-sac about 5 metres away.


Love the idea of getting a tattoo? Not sure what you want? Need some inspiration. We asked street artist hobie (Holly Bourne) to make some flashes to provide you with some inspiration. 


We are living in a time where systems of power are becoming increasingly resistant from moving in a rational direction, and becoming irrevocably committed to their ignorant and outdated ideologies.