Sippin' on some Bin Juice

Sippin' on some Bin Juice

Bin Juice People

Bin Juice can blow your mind in the most chill way possible. They're instrumental jams are tasteful and they've got hooks that are smooth like butter. We got to have a chat to the boys to find out more about their latest record Watermellon. 

Your sound has developed quite a lot with your latest release - How would you describe this change?

The last thing is slower overall than previous things.  Maybe we're becoming boring, or maybe we're becoming appealingly mysterious.

This is what happens when Christian Scott takes the place of Rage Against the Machine.

What was the recording process like this release? Who did you work with?

We had a 2 hour session with a producer who ended up not being able to really work on the record due to other commitments, but who managed to pretty much rejig everything we had in that one afternoon.  Then we went to REC Studios and Ross Ferraro and Tom Garnett got their hands on it.

Ross brought in his friend Daniel Pliner who played all the good keyboard parts (I played the bad ones).  Ross played a bunch of percussion too which is nice.

What is the writing process like in Bin Juice - do you guys jam ideas from scratch or are songs fairly developed when they get to the table?

Writing tunes, sometimes they're 'born from nothing', or someone might come in with something parboiled.  Pretty much all are just jammed out 

until the groove is good and maybe later the thinking cap comes on.

What are some local bands and artists you’re excited about?

Newcastle pop-punk legends 'Dave' are way cool.  

Dadskin are very weird and funny and good.

Mohi & Mango and Setwan make beats which are good.

Godtet is the newest thing from God (aka. Dave but not the newcastle thing).  It's spicy.

What can we expect from Bin Juice next year?

Darts, more tiny shows, another recoded thing or two.  Hopefully some colabs.

Bin Juice along with SCK CHX will be supporting King Colour at their single launch show

- YNY X CHIPPO Takeover

Tickets are on sale NOW!


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