Dives Catches up with Yeah Nah Yeah #6 secret headliners

Dives Catches up with Yeah Nah Yeah #6 secret headliners

JP caught up with the secret headliners for Yeah Nah Yeah #6 to discuss where their name is, where their sound comes from and what kind of musical fruit salad we can expect at the party.


Hey phan, first of all - working with you on the yet-to-be-released King Colour and SCK CHX Eps at Parliament Studios was a blast. In that time you showed us a preview of some pretty ridiculous Improvised jams from this project. How would you describe what we're all about to experience live at Yeah Nah Yeah #6 this Saturday?

Hey man I had so much fun making those records with all of you yeahnahyeah-ians… You guys are all far too talented at too many things!

Ben Dupree (bass) and I (Drums) have been playing together for over 10 years most recently with guitarist and singer Karl Fernandes as Colour Cage. Over the last year we’ve taken a hiatus so Karl could welcome his newborn baby Louis into the world.

I met Tim Coggins working on The Baldwins EP 2 years back. Since then he hasn’t stopped loitering around the studio. I can’t really name any instruments Tim can’t play. He’s even done his first production/engineering job with Cosmic Spice this past week. I like to think of him as a mad scientist of jazz and synths.

December last year we decided to have a random jam and recorded it all… 6 months later and we have a dropbox full or completely random improvised jams. They’re all pretty eclectic ranging from soothing ambient soul vibes to heavy mathy post rock numbers and even some spaghetti western… Badbadnotgood , Explosions in the sky, Flying Lotus, hiatus kaiyote, Go-Go penguin… the list goes on.

On describing what you’re about to experience this Saturday, you basically summed it up when you said ridiculous improvised jams.
Whether they’re ridiculously good or ridiculously bad is anybody’s guess.

Such a strong improvisational focus is pretty rare to come across in Sydney's live music scene, unless of course you're slamming whiskey at the Basement or chilling at Lazy Bones watching some jazz. How much does improvisation play a role in shaping the sound of this project?

I’m gonna let Tim answer the next question as he is the only one with an actual Jazz Degree from the Con, me and Ben are just posers… First of all, fuck jazz. Those guys mostly just repeat pre-rehearsed phrases over a series of pre-determined structures. To me improvisation is about experimentation and creating a unified sound in the heat of the moment. There is no ego and nothing is off limits. There is of course an element of danger when performing such music. Some ideas come in an instant, some take longer to unfold and others simply pass by. We can not be too attached to any single idea and must follow the ebb and flow of what happens around us.

Would you say you guys draw creatively more from the past or the present?

I'd say we draw mostly from the present, but of course things that are influencing us heavily in the present like badbadnotgood's album IV and childish gambino's awaken my love both draw heavily on sounds from the 70s and 80s so it all comes back around in the end.

So... do you guys have a name? Or is this a special one-off performance for us lucky Yeah Nah Yeah-ers?

This is our first gig and very well could be our last… We couldn’t dream of sharing it with a better host, group of people or a lovelier venue. We’ve been toying with the name Monochrome Freedom (as the counterpart to Colour Cage) to mixed reviews (not unlike the probable reception to our performance on Saturday night).

Catch Phan and the dudes as well as King Colour, Jon Bonsoyvi and art from Yossi, Aquamumma and other amazing artists at Yeah Nah Yeah #6.

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