One on One with Dives and Dobinson


JD caught up with collage artist Grace Dobinson ahead of her involvement with this weekends, Yeah Nah Yeah #7. 

How long have you been experimenting with collage art and what drew you to this artistic format?
I only really started getting into collaging about six months ago. I’d been following a few collage artists on instagram like @10.years.time and @bethhoeckel and really loved their stuff, so one night without having any of the right tools, I sat down with a kitchen knife and a wooden chopping board and made my first (incredibly bad) collage. Wouldn’t recommend this technique. But there is something super therapeutic about sitting down with some good tunes, a glass of red and just cutting away.

I love how your house (my old house) is now filled with clippings of naked women from various magazines. What is it about nudity that you like to explore in your collage pieces?
I think the appeal of nudity to me is the rawness of it, and the ability it gives me to totally recreate what once was. The male gaze definitely dictates a lot of the older books and magazines I use in my collages, which is always gross and frustrating. I love being able to use this medium to challenge these representations of femininity, and reclaim the female form by completely flipping images on their heads.

Where do you source your visual material?
This is the funnest part - rummaging through second hand stores. It is pretty hilarious unearthing raunchy old books stashed in the back corner of a Christian op-shop. My boyfriend is much better at this than me - he always comes home after stumbling across a garage sale with some real gems.

What are you looking forward to most about Yeah Nah Yeah #7 this Saturday the 19th August?
I'm keen to have a boogie with everyone, hear some amazing music and froth over some incredible art. My best mate will be up from Melbourne so I’ll probably just be squeezing her all night. Cannot wait


Grace will be displaying work at this weekends YEAH NAH YEAH #7 along with a bunch of other artists, musicians and great people.