Immersive Live Visuals with Alex Stevenson of ZENDER BENDER

"Hey I'm Alex. I'm a projection artist and animator. Through my work I like to explore the relationship between sound and moving image and notions of Aussie identity. Check out more of it here @alexisoninsta or at YEAH NAH YEAH events.

Dives: Working with you and Gen French on the Dives and SCK CHX music videos was rad. Can you tell us a little bit about the different projection styles you worked with on those sets?

Alex: Yeah it was sick! For your Dives clip I used a technique called liquid light projection. Working on an overhead projector I mix food dye, oil, water and other materials to create an oozing psychedelic visual. It's a really nice technique because it's hands on and is different every time. For the SCK CHX clip I used a digital projector and live video feed to make infinite looping trails. It's also very psychedelic but a more modern approach. I really like using a mix of old and new.

Dives: What drew you to visual projection work within the live music world?

Alex: It happened pretty naturally. From loving live music and studying digital media it just made sense to try live visual mixing. It's pretty funny looking back to the first Yours and Owls festival where I was using a ripped program and projecting onto a roof above the stage in Wollongong Uni. I hope now that my visuals can make the live music experience a more immersive and enhanced one.

Dives: Zender Bender collaborated with famers and owls at their last two festivals, how was that??

Alex: The Yours and Owls festivals are great! And they keep getting better and better every year. This year I got to mix side of stage for Stonefields, Sampa the Great, Hockey Dad and lots of other amazing bands.