Who’s your Aquamumma?

Who’s your Aquamumma?

When you meet Aquamumma (James Lesjak-Atton) you are pretty quickly absorbed into a level of chill that you thought was reserved for fictional characters like Hyde from that 70’s show. He is a relaxed dude who talks about his art in a way that makes you understand why he does it. He speaks with passion. For him it is about the expression of oneself. And like all dope artists he was covered in paint. Aj caught up with him to find out more. 

Thanks for coming on board for this party dude. Tell us about your creative process.

Do you enjoy working on spontaneity or is your work well thought out beforehand?

Hey mate no problem at all; stoked to be involved!

Pretty much all of the work tends to be spontaneous with a hint of Mr. Squiggle and a love of Dr. Seuss brewing in a pressure cooker.

The odd exception of this is choosing colour palettes beforehand and some cartoonish linework I’ve pick up along the way.

I've noticed you've done a bit of work with sculptures as well as painted pieces. Do you enjoy doing both or do you have a focus on one of those outlets in particular? 

Yea love them both! I studied sculpture at uni and it felt real groovy making big ass works, but over the past couple of years I have been mainly focusing on my paintings both indoor and out, due to the lack of a suitable studio and tools.

Only in the last couple of weeks have I exploded into combining the two together and I’m real excited about where its headed.

So you have a range of different styles or vibe you put across. Can you give us a hint as to what you'll be doing for us at the party?

So for the night I am AQUAMUMMA, so I’ll be mixing up a storm with whatever is leftover in the pantry…





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