Andy & Appleby get 3D

Andy & Appleby get 3D


Jakob Appleby is a young 3D artist from Oslo, Norway who makes 3D videos for a Drivers licence E-Learning platform, but in his spare time explores the visual art of simulations. 

His work is like rolling around inside a bean bag. It makes you feel a sense of aesthetic euphoria like no other.  Andy caught up with him ahead of his involvement with Yeah Nah Yeah #8


"Hey mate, thanks for getting involved with the party."

Thanks for involving me in your party ;)

"Firstly, tell us a bit about what inspires you to do what you do?"

I guess the concept of art or creativity in general is what drives me. I have always been amazed by what people come up with their minds, and how it evolves. And a lot of times, the art becomes greater than the artist behind it.


"What got you into making visual art like this?"

I think my specific style and preference came from my younger days, where i would spend many hours watching technical papers explaining simulation techniques in development. I also sat a lot in world builders for games like Warcraft 3

"What is the art scene in Oslo like at the moment? Do you find it interacts much with other areas of creativity like music and film much?"

I dont know too much about the scene in Oslo, i know some 3D artists that are up an coming here, and a couple of studios. We are a bit too small i think, and in my opinion we are not focusing enough, or giving enough money to our art culture.

Most of the focus goes to music, but i think the collective music mind here is in the wrong place, and everyone just wants to be the next thing which makes things end up very commercialized.


"Where do you want to take your art?"

Hard to say, but I always want to keep making what I want, so it all depends on what pops up in my head. I have some clear things I know I want to do more of, like music videos. What I wonder is where my art will take me.

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