Double Digit Delights

Double Digit Delights

It has been four years since we threw our very first Yeah Nah Yeah party at Club 77, on November 14 and to celebrate reaching double digit delights, we thought we would look back at the past nine.

Putting them together realised just how many great artists, bands, and photographers and lovely guests we have had through the doors. We couldn’t be more pleased to have had them all and we can’t wait for the next few to come through.

A lot has changed over the two years but one thing remains the same.

We will always be looking to provide Sydney creatives and party-goers alike with a safe and enjoyable space to relax, be themselves and interact with sound and color in new and exciting ways.

A special shout out to our friend Matt Faint who has been killing it with our posters from day one.

Bands to Play Yeah Nah Yeahs:

The Ruminaters - Binjuice - Triple One - Sures - King Colour - Betty & Oswald - Sloom - AJ the Aged One - Jermango Dreaming - Hector Gachan - Godtet - SCK CHX - Horatio Luna


Tashi Honnery - Owma Vajayjay - Nick Gauci - Jared Leibowitz - Jermango - Campbell Henderson - Paloma Grace Maine - Vishmi Helaratne - Yossi - Gen French - Labagi - Aaron Noakes -Alex Stevenson - Morus Quin - Ed Whitelock - Zender Bender - Mat Faint - Oliver Ryan - Jarred Burges - Daniel O'Toole/Ears - Aquamumma - Danielle Johansen - Melvin Berzamina - Hobie - Carla Zimbler - Pencil - Wizdrylines (George Gacsay) - Peanut Butter - Lilly Miranda Illustration - Grace Dobinson - Mayume - Struthless - Appleby3d (Norway) - Violette Kirton - Eliza Grosse - Prickly Pear - Zak Tilley - Fury Glanville - Tess Vincent - Alessio De Vecchi (Japan)


Lex Deluxe - Simon Caldwell - J Dejaan - Luen Jacobs - Tim Boyd - Jono Ma - Jon Bonsoyvi - Tobias Vogal (Ear to Ear DJs) - Rimbombo Collective - Vasstown b2b Job city - DJ Earl Grey - Moses Gunn Collective - Sydney Pony Club - Pal.

See you in the future.

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