The Captain and Dives

The Captain and Dives

If you’ve have been pretty much anywhere in the inner west and had your eyes open, you are probably familiar with the work of Daniel O’toole who also goes by Ears and Captain Earwax. The local legend who also not only does art but also makes his own music caught up with Dives in the lead up to his involvement with Yeah Nah Yeah #5

For those unfamiliar with the in’s and out’s of the wonderfully colourful street art scene, can you educate us a little regarding Sydney’s local street-art scene and your involvement in it?

I’m not sure how much I can educate people on the topic of street art, but I have been involved with making public artworks in the form of murals and street installations since around 2007. I used to run a gallery space with Jamie Nimmo, and Max Berry on Enmore rd from 2008 till 2010. We did a lot of grass roots shows for local street artists and others, live music and live painting were a monthly affair for us, in the form of an event called Culture Jam. There are too many stories to tell really.. its been a wild ride..

What do you look for in a street setting when scoping out a place to paint? Location, space available, surface…?

I suppose I look for spots that have maximum exposure and longevity where possible. Painting up high, on a roof top, or multi story buildings is always a good thing

Berlin’s cityscape blew me away when I visited there last year with some of the YNY crew… The sheer amount of graffiti and art that covered the city was mind-blowing! Where in the world is your favourite street art?

I saw some mad stuff in Berlin, but the impressive work was large scale murals, I didn’t see so much small scale Artworks on the streets in unexpected spots, I find a lot of street level graff in Europe is pretty raw, Chrome throwies and what not. Seems like there is a bigger divide between the graff scene and the Mural painters / Street art scene. Im only speculating though. My favourite city for Street art is probably still Melbourne to be honest, I mean Berlin is pretty incredible obviously, but more as a place for Art in General. In Melbs there is a super healthy mix of styles co-existing on the street, and a sense of community that I find unique.

Just noticed you directed the latest Jonti video! We love Jonti. How was that experience?

Yeah! The Jonti clip was super fun, I’ve been working with him for many months now and we’ve formed an awesome friendship through the whole process. He has inspired me musical for years, so its a rad experience to meet someone I look up to creatively and find he is a super humble down to earth guy who has time to hang, and Jam out ideas. He ended up doing vocals for me on one of new tracks for my upcoming album ‘Delicate Empires’.

What can we expect from Ears at Yeah Nah Yeah #5 on the 8th of April??

I’m going to be showing some recent photography work on the 8th at Yeah Nah Yeah, and doing some sort of live improv painting..I’m not sure how that will turn out! haha




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Who’s your Aquamumma?

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