Lilly Miranda and Her Colourful Mind. A chat with The Aged One ahead of Yeah Nah Yeah #7.

AJ: Hey lilly thanks for coming on board! Tell us about your work and what styles you are into these days.

Lilly: Hey my pleasure! Before 2017 I was really into intricate monochromatic illustrations where I’d just render patterns and textures into surreal compositions like illustrating dreamscapes, or animal dissections. Then I made a creative new years resolution to experiment with adding colour into my process which has been a heap of fun since it's added a whole new dimension to my work. I get to use a Wacom Cintiq at work everyday so I’ve also been using digital illustration a whole heap more, which sometimes feels like cheating but who can diss it when you’ve got every colour of the rainbow and brush in the universe at the click of a button?

AJ: Haha oh who doesn’t love a cheeky advantage from work. Do you have specific inspirations that you draw from or is it constantly changing?

Lilly: I’m always finding inspiration in nature, like patterns and textures in wood, plants, natural formations just tickle me the right way. I can get really excited over the colour-way and pattern of a tree trunk, which will eventually wind up in an illustration. But at the same time I do dabble in the realms of tumblr still. I’ve got a bunch of blogs that I follow who just dump beautiful imagery of the 60s & 70s, psych rock posters, sci fi film posters and book covers.

AJ: We’re big fans of the EP artwork you did for our besties Sloom. Tell us about your creative process and how would it change if you're creating something for friends rather than something for yourself?

Lilly: How good are Sloom?! I had a really fun time creating the EP artwork, its basically a visual aid to the title track ‘Super Juicy Yellow Starfish’. I followed their lyrics loosely to build a depthy oceanic environment that pays tribute to some of the tracks lyrics. Once I got the thumbnail sketch approved by the boys I set out to build a little reference library for colour palettes, patterns and imagery and I ended up drawing a lot of inspiration from Ernst Haeckel who’s a biologist and scientific illustrator from Germany. Once I had all that together I drew all the elements up in Photoshop with my Wacom Cintiq and coloured it all in! 

Honestly my creative process when illustrating for myself would probably involve about five more rough thumbnail sketches and ideas, a half assed attempt at creating a well composed scene, deleting the entire process, then regretting that and recovering the files from my trash, and finally figuring out something that works which most likely was the first idea I’d originally come up with!


Lilly will be displaying work at this weekends YEAH NAH YEAH #7 along with a bunch of other artists, musicians and great people.