Getting real with Struthless

Getting real with Struthless

Struthless is Cam and Felicity making art, bags, and clothes. They create authentically Australian style of art which feels like a blend of a Dr Seuss and The Far Side with some on point and interesting comments on the place in which we live. 



Ibis: Friend or foe?

Friend. Top 8 Friend.

Someone gives you 5k, but you have 24 hours to spend it. What do you spend it on?

People costumes for my dogs and a 3 day pass to Dreamworld. Anything left over goes into cryptos with funny names.


Which middle class mum do you relate most to?

Tough question. In a way we are all every middle class mum. But that’s a cop out so I’ll say 50/50 split between country and urban.

On a serious note, you’ve won the hearts of over 18k followers on Instagram, including internet legends such as The Betoota Advocate, CookSuck and brown cardigan. Do you think memes have more cultural significance in 2018?

Yes, and they’ll only keep rising in cultural significance. Those pages all show Australia for what it actually is. The way they do it is culturally significant for 2 reasons. 1 – it’s hilarious (and therefore respects its audience). 2 – It gives people an honest reflection of themselves and the people around them. If memes are the medium to better know the world then long live memes.

I am real excited to see you in action on the 17th. What can we expect to witness?

Mersey Valley fan art.



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Wake in Fright: The mystery of our mythic outback self

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Getting to know artist: Violette Kirton