With Over ten Years experience in the music industry, we offer a range of services tailored to artists needs. We understand that the industry and the Australian music industry is grossly overpowered by big labels who would prefer to make money of tik tok and Australian idol winners for the listening pleasure of boomers and fans of Kyle Sandliands. We do not approach PR in a linear way as most companies will do and charge through the roof just for having contacts. Having experience as both the artist and the industry side of things allows us to understand both sides of the coin.

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What is on offer?

Commercial Radio Community and Regional Radio International Radio

DSP Pitching - Spotify, Amazon and Apple

SYNC Pitching

Top Tier Media Pitching within Australia

Social Support and release strategy

Marketing ideas and social planning

Any general admin that takes the pressure of the artist so they can just focus on the music

In-Store Playlisting

Brand Pitching

Andrew Tudehope is a music industry professional with over ten years of experience. His origins in industry began in events with his collective ‘Yeah Nah Yeah,’ in which he created festival stages and warehouse parties in safe spaces all around Australia for art and music to be absorbed. Here he booked acts such as Le Shiv, Mount Liberation Unlimited, The Belligerents, Sures, Triple One, Lauren Hansom, Luen Jacobs and many more musicians and DJs. As well as artists such as Daniel O’Toole (ears), Alessio De Vechhi, Morus Quin and more. Yeah Nah Yeah has a record label and distribution arm in which Tudehope runs his artists services from and it is here that he helps artists and record labels from all over the world strategise, prepare and pitch musical releases and has worked with Red Bull Records, Nettwerk Records, BLXST, Neil Frances, Albert Hammond Jnr, Jaguar Jonze and many many more.

After a three year stint working for hospitality groups Solotel, in the marketing team looking after the venue Waywards @ the Bank Hotel Newtown, where Tudehope made relationships with producers, musicians, venues, bookers, radio stations and more all over sydney, he moved to creative agency, ‘Comes With Fries,’ where he worked under Van Picken (the current CEO of Sony Music). It is in this time with Comes With Fries that he was able to learn the ins and outs of both the local and international music industry and understand its dynamic nature and need to be adaptable from release to release.

His experience on both sides of the coin in the music industry is what makes him a publicist and artist manager that understands the needs of the artist, with his solo project HOTEL giving him further understanding of artist experiences.

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