HOTEL is the musical project of Andrew Tudehope. After a string of monikers and psydonyms including Archie Buck and his kick ons crew, Afternoon Jack and his pumpkin patch, What about Yellow? and Topsi Turvi, all which have served as names for musical or written endeavours, Tudehope is now creating crunchy dance music with HOTEL.

In April, 2020 Hotel released his first body of work to the world. Night Swim is a six-track EP that moves between punk, electronic, indie and rap in one smooth motion with quirks and eccentricities that have become known as classically Hotel.

In the year since Tudehope released his first single ‘Loose Change’ the project has built an array of listeners from all over the world and has been played on triple j and featured in Rolling Stone as well as radio and media from around the world.

"Night Swim is about creating a collection of music that looks to take listeners to an introspective place through the lyrics and reflect on the parts of life which may seem overwhelming at times i.e money, relationship and the unknown and pairs these thoughts with music that looks to make your hips swing and feet tap. The contrast between message and feeling highlights the idea that when things feel overwhelming sometimes something a simple as dancing can make everything feel ok for a while "- Hotel

Hotel has received worldwide praise for his debut release ‘Loose Change’ and its follow up Meraki. With over 10,000 monthly listeners on spotify and brand deals with the likes of Reebok and Barney Cools he is making a name for himself.

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