SnapShot: Patrick Clelland

SNAPSHOT is an exploration of the many talented and eclectic creative eyes of photographers from Sydney and all over the world.

Name Patrick Clelland

Location Sydney

Instagram dayzedandconfuzed

Camera: Olympus OM-2N / Canon A-1 / Canon Super Prima 135

The idea to spend time shooting around Sydney came when I started wondering why the photographs I'd been collecting were all from other places around the world. It occurred to me that this wasn't because there was nothing decent to photograph in Sydney, but rather because I'd always spend much more time taking photos when I traveled to other places on holidays. The theme here is loose - and to be honest I don't quite know what it is yet because this is a work in progress. A recurring motif: built environments, our interaction with them, and perhaps an appreciation of what these places mean when we're not using them.

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