Song that remind us of Home - Yours, Mine & Ours

Sydney based art collective - Yours, Mine & Ours, are throwing an interactive, immersive event this Sunday the 17th of March titled: YMO at Home. The night which invites you into one of the collective director's homes, will explore the themes of 'Home.' What it is and what means to an eclectic line-up of artists, musicians, and actors.

We've been thinking about the home as an instrumental site in the development of race, class and gender, and invited a bunch of artists to respond to this idea in the cosy context of our very own home. - Yours Mine and Ours

We asked some of the artists involved in the night to tell us what song reminds them most of Home.

Oliver Mol (writer / live reading)

Song: Don’t Pay The Ferry Man - Chris de Burg

Chris Zanko (painter/ carvings) -

Sun beholds me - Hand Habits

Zac Foggiato (sound artist) -

Unwell - Matchbox Twenty

Nani Graddon (ceramicist)

this must be the place... talking heads

Claudia Platzer (Painter)

We're not Right - David Gray

Having recently relocated to Liverpool, UK, David Gray reminds Claud of home in the Sutherland Shire, NSW.

Lily Keenan (textile artist / painter)

Trick of the Light - The Triffids

I'm from Western Australia and nothing captures the memory of scorching heat more than those opening guitar notes.

Eliza Gosse (painter)

“Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones

My mum played it constantly growing up while my brother and I did our homework and she made dinner.

Caitlin Fargher (multidisciplinary artist, showing textile pieces)

‘Nothing brings me down’ by emiliana Torrini.

Makes me homesick even if I’m in my own bed! So warm comfy and autumnal.

Digby Ayton (photography)

The Land of the Bloody Unknown by The Middle East.

I am from Tassie, I listen to this and think of home and its woolly landscapes.

Ruby (musician)

How to make Gravy by Paul Kelly

Every time I hear ‘How to make Gravy’ I am transported back to a moment, whether that be at Christmas time, driving down the South coast, or dancing in the kitchen, all of them involve being with the ones I love and this is what defines ‘home’ to me.

Tesse (musician)

AA Bondy ~ There’s a Reason

Every element of this song grounds me. Feelings of comfort and nostalgia are difficult to understand and articulate but every time I experience this song it takes me to a place where I feel like I’ve been before and I want to stay.

Henry Butterworth (photography)

Vapour Trail - Ride

Orson Heidrich (photography)

Sugar Ray - Spinning away

Serena Siow (photopragher)

Sam Cooke - What A Wonderful World

Growing up, my mum would attempt at making my siblings and I wake up by blaring this song on her old school CD player. It didn't always work and we ended up hating the song. Years later though, I find it's a pretty sweet song!

Violette Kirton (curator)

If she wants me - Belle and Sebastian -

This song (or any Belle and Sebastian song) reminds me of a day spent at home doing chores, Sunday drives, with my Mum, Dad and brother, all singing along, of course.

*Henrietta Jackson (curator) - * Weather with you, Crowded House -

My parents used to sing it on long car trips and after dinner with too much wine

Alejandra Los Managers - Kiko Veneno -

This song reminds me of my Father, the smell of tobacco stuck to the curtains and ash on the floor.

** YMO: AT HOME takes place this Sunday the 17th of March from 5pm till 10:30pm. Location to be announced closer to the date. FREE ENTRY**

More Details HERE

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